Full Name
Alex Jenkins
Job Title
WA Data Science Innovation Hub
Speaker Bio
Alex has 15 years experience working in technology and software organisations, as an advocate for data science and analytics solutions across the resources, energy and healthcare sectors.

Since graduating from UWA with a degree in Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Alex has worked with multiple mining companies, utilities and public organisations to define big data, supply chain modelling and data science solutions. He has led the development of strategy and roadmaps to drive digital transformations in the data science, analytics and BI space.

Prior to joining the hub, Alex was engaged as a consultant to build data science capabilities for mining technology businesses.

Alex is passionate about using technology to enhance STEM education outcomes - from promoting STEM learning in schools through to encouraging Data Science uptake in new, emerging and established industries to drive business transformation.

Alex sees incredible potential for collaborations between the education sector, government, and industry to encourage the next generation of data scientists and boost jobs and growth in this exciting and dynamic space.
Alex Jenkins